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I've never quite worked out how parking lots work over here. Well yes, you park your car in them, but there are always chicks hanging around, looking like the really need a fuck or something. Anyway, there I am parking up me newly polished shagmobile, and I see this cute little thang in a white lace top and pants so tight I could clearly see her pussy thru. So I asked her what she was doing. She said she had just finished at college, and was waiting for her friend. I said, well how much to go with me for the night? I'm not a prostitute, you know, she said crossly. Oh sorry (I lied). Hey, this is my first day in town (I lied), and I haven't got any idea what to do. She asked, so you're not married, you've got no girlfriend, and you're on holiday. Yes (what is truth). Okay, she said, let's go.

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