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An ugly bald
white git
and a
hairy fucker.

"I drink beer
and puke up."

"If I can have these girls,
so can you."
Often the girls go back to the villages in the wet season to plant rice. They go out wrapped up in ten layers of cloth so the sun does not burn their skin. No so for Cap, There she is bending over in the rice field wearing only her brassiere, knickers and some shear white stockings. All the farmers call it shocking, and gossip amongst themselves, while peaking over their shoulders. The younger and smarter guys keep quiet. They know Cap is showing off for their benefit, and soon they will be planting their own seed between her sweat soaked legs in some flimsy roadside shack. However, she never stays up country too long ,as she is also partial to servicing foreign cock in motels too.

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