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An ugly bald
white git
and a
hairy fucker.

"I drink beer
and puke up."

"If I can have these girls,
so can you."
I love cute race queens, and went on the prowl at the local racing circuit, even though I aint got a car. I stood next to the fastest and biggest mini I could find, pretending it was mine. A real stunner in a black and red checked outfit with bug jugs and long legs, cum up to me, a right professional model. There I am, leaning on the roof, and she is giving me one long lingering look. Then she asked, hey man, why are you leaning on my car. Well, I bluffed, I am from the TV station, and I am producing a programme about the cream of the worlds race queens. Not quite the video she expected me to make, but I do recommend the cumshot.

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