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An ugly bald
white git
and a
hairy fucker.

"I drink beer
and puke up."

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Office starlet and stuck up Choi was rapidly rising thru the promotions of corporate life. Earning good money and looking down on many other less gifted than her self, her career made a rapid change soon after her workmates and she went to a hypnotist theatre show. The hypnotist singled out Choi from the audience and promised to make her do what was furthest from her nature. Choi was resolute that she could not be persuaded to do anything. He tried his best to humiliate her during the act, suggesting that she reveal herself to the audience and blindly kiss men unknown to her. No chance, she just laughed it off. The hypnotist was not phased at all, and even seemed strangely confident. The next morning, Choi arrived at work, her skirt a little shorter than usual, cut slightly above the knee. Instead of ignoring the doorman totally as usual, she skipped by him and flipped up the back of her skirt giving clear site of wafer thin translucent thong. Her makeup was not pristine as previous, but a little gaudy. By mid-morning, many had noticed and there was a fair amount of amused gossip. But only the janitor dared say anything, not caring if he got fired, 'Hey bitch, on your knees and blow me.' She did. By close of business she had also got fucked by the electrician in the toilets, and sucked off the chief financial officer in the board room while his wife was on the speaker phone. Three days later, with streaky red hear, red shoes, red stockings, and some stained, cheap, eight dollar, pink micro cocktail garb, having exhausted the entire board, upper, middle and lower management, and shop floor contingent of guys that would fuck any cheap slapper (that's all of them), she fell out onto the street. Beginning her new and highly satisfying career, she now has things stuck up her instead of being stuck up. The irony is, Choi now earns more than double her previous wages as junior partner. Oh, by the way, I was the janitor, see the video.

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