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An ugly bald
white git
and a
hairy fucker.

"I drink beer
and puke up."

"If I can have these girls,
so can you."
In the modern world, many do-good'ers, religious and poiticious, are telling us that having sex with cute brown nymphs is not good for us, and should be banned. Apparently, it is rude and offends good people. Sex is a human need and when you don't get it regularly, you go totally nuts, and do crazy things that get you into trouble with the same do-good'ers. So, not wanting to have a problem, I got two cuties together, Gah and Li. Both eighteen, petite, freshly shaved, bright eyed, on my bed wearing just shoes and stockings. One licking my dick, the other sucking my balls. My cock in one girls pussy as she flicks her tongue on the others clitoris. Two bottoms staring up at me with their willing wet fuck pads. Their thick mops of black hair matted with my cum. Four tiny titties jiggling in motion. Er, sorry, have I gone off on a tangent. Just watch the video.

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All models are over 18, but only by a few weeks. We don't want them any older.