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There is a new fashion for girls in Asia, copied off Japan's cartoon [anime] characters. Girls dress in tight, very short skirts, and white super clean tops, two size too small, that show off their belly buttons. But the real art in wearing the outfit, is that the girl looks vulnerably cute, and oozes filthy sexual intentions. I spotted Peach on a park bench perched with her legs squeezed tightly together, even though her skirt rode up to give ample view of her white upper thighs. The wind was blowing thru her soft short hair. I thought I had stepped into another world. She looked at me unashamedly with her large black eyes and mouth slightly open. She sucked her finger, leaving a bead of saliva on it, and then, without taking her eyes off me or changing her expression, traced her finger around her nipple wetting the fabric of her blouse. The damp patches immediately became see thru and pink. My mouth dropped. I too was gazing back at her. She stood up and glided towards me, took my hand and we disappeared into the sunset.

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