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An ugly bald
white git
and a
hairy fucker.

"I drink beer
and puke up."

"If I can have these girls,
so can you."
Jey and Kay, identical twins. Well, bloody similar anyway. New staff at the cum dump bar, and running an offer, buy one, get one free. I married one, dunno which, but I ended up with both of them. Shagging one and the other bursts into tears. They have to do everything together. Eat one out, eat the other, cum equal amounts on each one's face. Both the fucking same mate, do everything together. Me and my two girls forever, shit they both ran off with the rich young good looking guy from round the corner, the twat. Facking pleased I got me life back, and a great video too.

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You ain't seen no original content till you see how far I push it,
and fuck 'em up all three holes.
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All models are over 18, but only by a few weeks. We don't want them any older.