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In a new effort to boost flagging sales, supermarkets have come up with a new way to keep customers coming back. With every purchase over one hundred dollars you have the option of spending a night with one of the checkout girls. Even the manageress is available, but that is only for five hundred dollar plus purchases. So after starving for a week, I went shopping. Pare was working on the fewer than six items queue, so I wheeled my trolley up loaded to the brim with beer and chocolate, and insisted that I use her queue. Some old lady asked me politely to use another queue. I told her to fuck right off and pushed in front of her. So for the most money I have ever spent at once, one hundred and two dollars twenty five, I got to meet Pare as she left the staff entrance at knocking off time. She must have been impressed with me as an assertive big spender, cos her long tongue was immediately down my throat and her hand was down my trousers. Who says the bars are where you should pick up, check out the video to see a super discount sales girl swallow my cum. Right, I'm off to the bar, who's coming.

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